Spring Spruce Up Tips

to Increase Your Home Investment

It is spring spruce up time at Cherry Hill. Here are a few friendly tips we can all review to help keep our neighborhood inviting,

  1. Please do your best to keep your lawns looking nice. There are some homes in our community that fall short in keeping up with lawn care. We ask that you fertilize the lawns, see that weeds are eliminated, utilize grass trimmers to clean up areas which the mower can’t get to, edge the grass along sidewalks and driveways.
  2. There are several homes in Cherry Hill which have quite a bit of moss covering the siding of the home, most often on the north side. This is often very unsightly and can easily be removed with a pressure washer or a long-handled scrub brush. We appreciate very much your kind attention to this.
  3. Please keep all trash/waste containers in your dwelling (per the Covenants) until the night before trash pickup, which in Cherry Hill occurs on Monday. If you will be gone that weekend, we ask that you check with a friend or neighbor to see if they can move the containers to the street for you while you’re away. Please do NOT leave them out on the street all weekend!
  4. Please see that all landscape areas around the house are weeded and have fresh mulch. This is an area of much neglect, unfortunately, and we ask that you do everything you can to beautify your landscaping. It really is important.
  5. Please see that trees are pruned so that the branches don’t hang too close to the ground and, very importantly, do NOT hang over sidewalks where so many of our residents walk every day and night. It can be very unsightly and even dangerous for pedestrians.

***If you see any areas on our streets in need of asphalt patchwork repair, or if you see a street light out, please call the city 311 lines and report it.

***The City will need the address of the repair and, in the case of a light being out, they will need the pole number, which is located on the pole itself. They will respond within a few days of your phone call.

The Cherry Hill Association Board is continually trying to keep this beautiful community looking fresh and attractive. We realize that our suggestions may be interpreted as interfering with homeowners’ lives and therefore “none of our business.” We respectfully disagree, as these suggestions are meant to keep this subdivision a “gem” on the northeast side of Fort Wayne, one where potential new homeowners are excited in hopes to purchase a home. This will keep all of our property values up and that is so important. Look around at other subdivisions and see how they have decayed over the years. We are doing our best to see that these phenomena don’t happen to our “home”.

Thanks to all of you in advance,
Your Cherry Hill Board