Architectural Change Request Form

If you are planning on doing any improvements, renovations, upgrades etc. to your home or property, please notify the Cherry Hill Architectural Committee before any work has begun. This includes, but is not limited to roof replacement, siding replacement, painting, new or replacement fencing, outside construction or installations (i.e. – hot tubs), concrete work, or any other project being planned.

Failure to contact the Committee and moving ahead with a project which has not been approved could result in legal action, which would be very unfortunate. If there are any questions or uncertainties regarding whether or not your project needs approval, please contact our website or call the Cherry Hill property manager. We thank you in advance.

The covenants provide the Architectural Control Committee may take up to 30 days to review all applications. Presently, reviews are taking about 7 days if submitted online and about 30 days if submitted via U.S. Mail. U.S. Mail submission must include two sets of proposals as provided in Article III of the Covenants. Using the form below will improve response time. If you have attachments such as blueprints or drawings to send with your application, email the attachments directly to

Also, please remember that all trash containers are to be kept indoors at all times, with the exception of trash pick-up day. The Covenants are clear that no trash containers are to be located/stored outside at any time. Thanks very much.

– Cherry Hill Board of Directors

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