Numerous comments have been received regarding all of the garage sales and miscellaneous signs that are being posted in the association. Some of the signs blocked drivers’ view at the main exits. Residents have asked that the provision in Article 5, Section 13, of the Covenants, be enforced better. That section states:

“ Signs. No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any Lot except one sign of not more than five (5) square feet, advertising such Lot for sale, or signs used by a builder to advertise such Lot during the construction and sales period.”

Based on the foregoing and comments received, a motion was adopted during the May 2013 board meeting whereas, only one Association sign will be posted at each of the three entrances seven days prior to the annual garage sale. Such a sign will display the dates and times of the annual association garage sale. The motion was approved by the Board of Directors three to one.

One sign at each entrance location is sufficient to advertise a neighborhood-wide function to the public.

The covenants forbid any other signs to be posted in Cherry Hill, with the exception of homes for sale signs. Only official Cherry Hill Community Association signs approved by the Board of Directors or the Architectural Control Committee may be posted in any Cherry Hill common area, including the three main entrances, or on a privately owned lot in the association.

Note to area realtors: Only one Home For Sale sign may be displayed on a lot in Cherry Hill. A Second Home For Sale sign at a street corner or at one of the three main entrances, including an Open House sign is not permitted unless the sign has been pre-approved by the Board of Directors or the Architectural Control Committee. Any such sign once approved will be subject to a specific location and times for display. Realtors or homeowners may request a second sign such as an Open House sign to be posted at a specific location for a brief period by using the online Contact Us form.

Any sign in violation of the foregoing is subject to removal and/or a daily fine as stipulated in the City of Fort Wayne Sign Ordnance.

The City of Fort Wayne Sign Ordnance and the Cherry Hill Covenants were both adopted to maintain the beauty within our community. Your assistance in upholding these provisions is appreciated.